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Shiny Gloves Club, Inc

We are revolutionizing low-income communities with free education & resources.

Since starting Shiny Gloves Club in 2019, we have made an impact on so many children. Our  Classroom Campus initiative allows children to learn for free through prerecorded lessons. Collaborations with educators, organizations, and universities have supported the development of our organization.

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Shiny Gloves supports children who cannot afford traditional education. Additionally, we provide our students with vocational training so they can make a living. As an incubator, we provide a platform for the most gifted children to turn their ideas into consumer products.  As part of our efforts to promote STEM education in Nigeria and throughout West Africa, we have partnered with Croatian electronics manufacturer Circuit Mess.

Shiny Gloves Club, Inc
Joseph, a student of our Engineering program creates electronics, such as microphones and mp3 players using junkyard parts.

We are empowering gifted children from the poorest communities, such as Veirat, to start their own businesses.

Our mission as an incubator platform is to support the creativity of our students. As a team at Shiny Gloves Club, we are grateful for donations, but we are especially motivated to help our students develop consumer products that can be sold worldwide. A two-fold benefit of this model is that it promotes manufacturing and teaches our students entrepreneurship. We believe this is the best way for our students to develop a sense of responsibility and to play a direct role in improving their communities. 

Purchase Kanta to support Shiny Gloves Club.

25% of Kanta Sports net sales will go towards supporting our projects. Thanks for your support. 

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Programs to help gifted children in poor communities. 

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Work with us as a volunteer, educator, or mentor.

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Providing free education to kids who need it most.

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Together, we can change the lives of many gifted children. 

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