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The Blessing Yohana Story

Blessing Yohana is an electronics inventor and one of the best students in our engineering program. Blessing's father, an electronics repair technician, was initially unwilling to support her wish to become an engineer, not only due to the economic conditions of her family but also because of her gender.


























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While primary education in Nigeria is "free and compulsory," approximately 10.5 million of the country's children aged 5-14 are not enrolled in school. The situation is even worse in the north, where net attendance stands at only 53 percent. Furthermore, gender discrimination is responsible for keeping girls out of school. According to UNICEF's research, more than half of the girls in northern Nigeria are not in school. 

Blessing, who graduated from high school two years ago wants to study engineering, but her family cannot afford to send her to university. Shiny Gloves Club has created the Blessing Yohana Fund  for girls in low-income communities who are interested in pursuing engineering careers. Our goal is to support Blessing and other girls who wish to pursue STEM degrees in universities with this fund.

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Join the revolution to help more girls get into engineering.

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